"Who do you trust to carry out your healthcare decisions?”

Living Will

A Living Will is a written document consisting of your instructions regarding the use of life-sustaining treatments in the event that you are terminally ill, or suffering from an illness with little chance of recovery and are incapable of expressing your wishes.

A Living Will is a useful document if you travel outside New York State. It should not be confused with a Healthcare Proxy, which appoints an Agent (the person to whom you have expressed your wishes) to speak for you. A Living Will can be used to help your Agent know what your wishes are in greater detail.

My office drafts Living Wills which ensure that our clients’ wishes are respected.

HIPPA Release

A HIPPA Release allows a family member to obtain your medical records. Our office can simplify dealing with multiple doctors’ offices and hospitals by creating a single HIPPA release giving one or more people of your choosing the right to obtain your medical records and speak with your doctors’ offices.

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